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What is Roof Coating?

Posted on October 31, 2013

What is Roof Coating?

We are often asked “what is roof coating”? It is a fully adhered, additional layer of protection applied to a roof’s surface, traditionally in the form of an elastomeric, thick, white flexible layer. When this surface is being applied, you may see roofing pro’s applying it with brushes, rollers, or spray hoses, depending on the surface being coated and the specific product being used. Roof coating is also known as cool roof or elastomeric coating.

There are a number of valid reasons to inquire about roof coating for your current roof. The first reason is for cooling purposes, which is where the term cool roof originated. Temperatures on a roof that has been treated with this surfacing can be anywhere from 20 to 100 degrees cooler than traditional black roof surfaces. That leads to the second reason – your electric bill. Roof coating can lower your electricity costs by keeping the interior of your structure cooler, requiring less power to lower the temperature. The third reason to look into roof coating is to prolong the life of your current roof. Avoiding the cost of a new roof can save you quite a bit of money. Finally, roof coating keeps roofing materials out of landfills for up to 25 years longer by lengthening the life span of your current roof. This is good for your roof and the environment.

As you can see, roof coating is the right choice for a number of good reasons. Unfortunately, it is not the best choice for every type of roof. That is why you need to turn to the experts at SK Quality Roofing to determine if roof coating can be of benefit to your particular roof. If you have shingles it is not recommended that the coating be applied to the top of them as water, and moisture can collect and condense underneath these shingles, causing future problems. Working with a professional roofer can eliminate any concerns. We recommend that you ASK SK about any roofing questions you might have, in order to get reliable answers and assistance with all your roofing needs.

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