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Hurricane Season Approaching (again!)

Posted on March 9, 2015

There is some uncertainty among the experts this year as to what to expect for the 2015 hurricane season because of the unpredictability of an El Niño cycle and the Atlantic sea surface temperatures. The predictions are for a more mild season with 6 named hurricanes, 2 of them being major hurricanes. All it takes is one storm in the wrong spot… Is your roof ready for the upcoming rainy season or the 2015 hurricane season?

After looking through the named stormed list, are you ready for a visit by “Claudette”, “Larry”, or “Rose”? There are several things you can do now in preparation for the hurricane season. These preparations will help minimize the damage from an unexpected visitor going by any of the above names.

A few of the things you can do in advance before the hurricane season begins are:

  • Cut back all trees and shrubbery. This would include not only the trees that overhang your roof and mansards, but all vegetation nearby that might have dead limbs or branches. In the midst of a severe wind driven storm such as a hurricane or tornado, dead branches and coconuts can become missiles and will easily crack tiles or break windows and allow a point of access for the wind to enter the building and do further damage. Stay on top of your landscape maintenance throughout the summer months and keep in mind many municipalities suspend bulk pickup prior to a storm.
  • Insure all drains and over-flow scuppers are clear of debris and working properly.
  • Insure that your air conditioning units are properly strapped and that any old units that are no longer in use have been removed from the roof.
  • Insure your roof hatch or roof access door is properly secured. If you have broken or rusted hinges or a decaying wood frame for your roof hatch, now is the time to think about replacing it, BEFORE the storm.
  • Inspect skylights. Any skylights with cracks or leaks should be replaced NOW.
  • Document with pictures the current condition of your roof system. This will help you when/if you have to make an insurance claim. Using a professional to document the pre-hurricane condition of your roof is the type of evidence that is invaluable AFTER the fact. Now is the time to do your research, not when the power is out and the phone service is sporadic.

SK has prepared a Hurricane Preparation Checklist that goes much further in-depth. We have made it available on our website. Please feel free to visit the page and utilize this helpful information at your convenience.

As a member of the local community for over 33 years, our mission is helping others remain dry, safe and informed during the hurricane season!
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