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Keep cool, dry and greatly lower your operating costs while maintaining your existing roof with a modern roof coating !

SK’s Cool Roof roof coatings can be a tremendous help to your Association and Clients as well as for individual homeowners:

  • Lower annual maintenance costs
  • Easily maintain your existing roof, avoiding costly and inconvenient roof replacement
  • Create a seamless roof by eliminating failure points
  • Potential FPL Rebates & Tax deductions
  • Reduce energy cost and consumption
  • Lower heat transfer to building
  • Dramatically cool your roof

SK roof coatings can be applied to many kinds of roofs, both residential and commercial. We have a variety of products to achieve the perfect results for your roof. These coatings, which can be asphalt based, acrylic (elastomeric), silicone, or even a combination thereof can greatly increase the life-span of your flat roof, and create a seamless overcoat, eliminating the need to do a more expensive reroof. Often SK can revitalize a roof that has been deemed fit only for a reroof, giving you years, sometimes decades, more life out of your existing roof system.


Roof before roof coating applied


After roof coating applied

Infrared Thermometer on Asphalt 106 Degrees

Infrared Thermometer on Asphalt 106 Degrees, before roof coating

Infrared Thermometer on Elastomeric 83 Degrees

Infrared Thermometer on Elastomeric 83 Degrees after roof coating

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