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Clay Roof Tiles

Posted on July 25, 2013

If you are looking for a new roof, and want one that can last for a long time, choosing clay roof tiles may very well be the way to go. SK Quality Roofing has been servicing roofs in South Florida for over thirty years. Our experience with clay roof tiles ensures your home or business a quality new roof, expert service, and a competitive price.

Why should you choose clay roof tiles over other materials? Not only has clay been used as a roofing source since before the dawn of time, it has also been found at archeological sites that are thousands of years old. 2000 years later, the coliseum in Rome still boasts its original tiles. Just think, when SK Quality Roofing puts new clay roof tiles on your house, your great, great, great, great grandchildren’s grandchildren can still enjoy the beauty of your new roof. The superior durability and long lifespan of clay roof tiles require very little maintenance, other than the occasional clearing of leaves and debris.

Did you know that you might even be able to lower your electric bill when you replace your roof with clay roof tiles? With a natural ability to reflect, rather than absorb heat, the wide variety of clay roof tiles on the market enable you to reduce the energy required to maintain cool and comfortable temperatures inside your home or business. Here in South Florida, keeping cool is always a positive factor.

Do you have a favorite color or style of clay roof tiles that you have seen elsewhere? Do you ride past a friend’s home or office building wishing your roof could look as good as theirs? SK Quality Roofing can put an end to your yearning, by giving you the roof of your dreams for much less than you ever thought possible. Our reputation as a second generation family owned, and operated business in South Florida makes us the first choice for many people. We are proud to be a Boral certified contractor.

There are many other important features that you should look for when planning a new roof or new construction project.  Clay roof tiles are fire-proof, insect-proof, and resistant to wind, hail, mold, rot, and water damage that can destroy other roofing materials. Before you make your final decision about your new roof, speak with the specialists at SK Quality Roofing to explore the many different shapes, styles, varieties, and colors of clay roof tiles awaiting your choice. We are here to give you the roof of your dreams.

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