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Check Out the Latest News in Concrete Roof Tiles

Posted on October 23, 2013

Check Out the Latest News in Concrete Roof Tiles

When making the decision to purchase a new roof, whether for new construction or to replace your current roof, there are a number of options that you can choose. For today’s consumers, one more selection is available when looking at concrete roof tiles. We are talking about the Smog-Eating Tile with BoralPure™ technology. What does this mean for the average consumer searching for a new roof? In addition to beautifying your home or business building with high quality concrete roof tiles, you can also protect the environment at the same time. SK Quality Roofing has always believed in sustainability efforts when it comes to keeping roofing materials out of landfills. This is one more way to protect the environment.

What is a Smog-Eating Concrete Roof Tile?

These revolutionary Smog-Eating concrete roof tiles are the first-of-its kind sustainable tiles that reduce the formation of smog. Because they can be installed on both residential and commercial buildings, they can help builders and consumers alike protect the environment. When exposed to sunlight, the BoralPure™ Smog-Eating technology works through a catalyst embedded in the upper portion of the concrete roof tile to speed up oxidization, reducing nitrogen oxide. In just one year, 2000 square feet of these concrete roof tiles can reverse the damage to the air caused by driving one car 10,800 miles.

Choices in Concrete Roof Tiles that Protect the Environment

There are a wide variety of choices in shape, design, and color when looking to purchase these concrete roof tiles that protect the environment while beautifying your home or business. They are an earth-friendly product made primarily from raw materials including sand and water. Because concrete is fully recyclable, choosing concrete roof tiles is one of the most eco-friendly decisions you can make when the time comes to re-roof your current home. For long-lasting durability and virtually no maintenance, contact the roofing experts at SK Quality Roofing to learn more about your wide variety of options. At SK, we are always working at the top in standards of quality and service. Whatever your roofing questions, simply ASK SK.

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