There’s a drought, why should I reroof?!

With Broward county in “Extreme Drought” conditions and Palm Beach county in “Severe Drought” conditions, why would anyone want to re-roof or repair now? After all, it’s impossible for a roof to leak in the absence of water!

I may be biased, but…. repair and re-roofing is an excellent idea in dry conditions. The job will get scheduled and completed sooner with little to no chance of being caught between tear-off and dry-in with wet weather. Hot, dry weather can also ensure that self-adhered and bitumen based roof products and elastomeric coatings can get full and maximum adhesion and curing without water interference.

If you have a re-roof or repair job you’ve been putting off, don’t wait for it to start leaking again! Minimize your interior damage and get it done now!